IPPlus PLC. Interactive Call Centre Analysis IPPlus PLC. Interactive Call Centre Analysis

AIM Rule 26 disclosures

2 Melford Court
The Havens
Ransomes Europark
Suffolk IP3 9SJ

T: +44 (0)844 544 6800
F: +44 (0)844 544 6880

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Some of our shareholders have been approached by off-shore agents offering to buy their shares at inflated prices. The FSA has issued warnings on this and we attach their letter and advice as downloadable .PDF files for your information.

IPPlus PLC is a British company based in Ipswich, Suffolk, just over an hour from London by train and a short trip from London's Stansted airport. The company runs three distinct divisions:

Ansaback, a 24/7 bureau contact centre operation; CallScripter, a next generation scripting software solutions provider, IP3 Telecom, a Network Solutions supplier and PCI-PAL, a secure payments and security specialist.

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